Ranch House Remodel

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This Redwood City ranch-style home was renovated and doubled in size to feature spacious, modernized interiors enhanced by natural lighting, views, and indoor-outdoor integration. The rear of the home, with its open backyard, was an opportunity to expand existing bedrooms into living spaces that maximize light, views, and leisurely outdoor access.

Broad sliding glass doors and expanded living spaces were added at the rear, linking it to a new patio with corner seating, corten planters and views of the backyard. The home was given a brand new master suite, with views of a Zen garden and generous natural lighting enriching the remodel intention.

To harmonize the home with contemporary character, the dining area connection was opened up to an enlarged kitchen, where a new skylight above the waterfall island admits plentiful natural light overhead. A discreet powder room was added behind the kitchen to maximize comfort.

Wherever possible within the existing architecture, ceilings were raised for bigger, more airy spaces that imitate new areas of the home where high ceilings are central to contemporary design. Two existing bedrooms were also expanded and updated, and all finishes, windows, and fixtures were replaced to balance renovated design elements throughout the home.


2000 SF





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