Urban Courtyard House

model of courtyard house in brick building
house wraps around garden courtyard on two levels
wood ceiling, skylit staircase, spiral stairs at courtyard residence

This contemporary urban home is located in the bustling gallery district of Chelsea, Manhattan, and the remarkable product of an adaptive reuse project that saw a formerly light industrial building completely transformed into a multistory retail space with a private residence on top. The home begins at the third storey of the building, surrounding and entered by a garden courtyard, its serene greenspace creating an element of seclusion from Manhattan’s density and a focal point of the home’s design.

The home transitions from indoor to outdoor on all its multiple levels, from living spaces opening directly to the garden at the bottom, to an interconnection of bedrooms, terraces, catwalks, and public spaces on the upper level, to a spiral staircase leading to a rooftop garden and basketball court at the top.

Indoors, the two halves of the home are linked together by a running gallery on each level, with the upper gallery ramping down to a master bedroom below. Natural lighting reflects and touches on the adjacent interiors of the home along its broad windows and window walls, with a skylight above the stairs directed towards the back wall of the house and casting a soft light on shaded areas. Three stainless steel tables form a restaurant-style kitchen, where large sliding wood doors can be opened and closed to screen the kitchen from the dining space.

This is a featured project from work experience with Charles Rose Architects, Inc., an innovative, award-winning firm based in Boston, MA.


5,500 SF HOUSE





Thomas Balsley


Higgins Construction


Chuck Choi