Schematic Design


Creative House Design Concepts Schematic Design is the first phase of the architectural process and involves a flexible exploration of possibilities. Concepts are ideated and reviewed; this includes design, layout, floor plans, elevations, site-sensitive features, and 3d visualizations. The Scope of Work is defined and selected. Building codes are confirmed, and the schematic [...]

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Design Development


Bringing a Vision to Form In the Design Development phase, exterior and interior aspects are developed, floor plans are refined, and materials and details are proposed. Windows, building systems, products and finishes are defined. Consulting engineers and other design professionals are coordinated and preliminary plans for electrical and lighting are prepared. Coordinated Architectural [...]

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Construction Documents


Professional Construction Documents In the Construction Documents phase, all drawings are finalized for construction and permit submission. Consultant drawings are coordinated to complete the project documents. Our professional Construction Documents provide the foundation for successful project execution. For a Basic Project, the following drawings are standard: Plans - site, proposed, roof, electrical Exterior [...]

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Construction Administration


Architectural Services During Construction LSH Architects represents the client with Construction Administration services during the construction stage of the project, to ensure that the work is progressing in conformance with the Construction Documents. The designing architect’s role during construction is to provide project continuity and create an expert touchpoint for client involvement until [...]

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