Architectural Fees


The Value of Architectural Services Architects provide services that can add significant value to property.  We help clients achieve their goals with highly functioning spaces, cutting-edge designs, and increased efficiencies. Our total Architectural Fees typically range from 6% to 15% of Construction Cost based on project scope, budget and complexity. Schematic Design Services [...]

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LSH Architects Consultation Services We offer pre-design consultation services for clients who need assistance defining the project scope of work. Feasibility Study: property analysis for feasibility Master Planning: property analysis for multi-phase development Preliminary Design Consultation: hourly site meeting to review project questions and options


Schematic Design


Creative Design Concepts During Schematic Design, several concepts are reviewed to inform the design of the floor plans and building elevations. The Scope of Work is defined, and an idea of how the building will look begins to take shape. Identifying a compelling design parti, or 'big idea', provides a strong foundation for [...]

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Finish and Material Selections


Coordinated Architectural Finishes Materials are proposed and coordinated for the exterior and interior as a natural extension of our design process.  We combine finishes for complementary attributes in construction and final aesthetics. Coordinated architectural finishes complement individual lifestyles and visions, with consideration of aesthetics, durability, and maintenance. Showcase the beauty of natural materials [...]

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