LSH Architects

Contemporary Residential Architects

At LSH Architects, we focus on designing homes that are in balance with their inhabitants and the environment. Home design compels personalization: it’s only natural to want our comforts, interests, and preferences expressed in our intimate surroundings. Our architectural designs draw inspiration from these aspects and resolves design requirements creatively, for spaces that invite, delight, and endure.

Architectural Design and Technical Proficiency

We are artistic yet practical. Our approach allows us to be imaginative and solve problems at once, to transform vision into reality. Form meets function; technical proficiency facilitates sensitivity to aesthetics, materials, natural light, and the environment. We are design-oriented and propose creative, compelling solutions. We are also detail-oriented and design realistic construction details for our custom designs.

Site and Client Inspires Project Vision

We foster a close dialogue with our client, exchanging ideas and envisioning the home through their eyes. Our experience can help inspire these images, clarify them; shape them into something that surprises. We develop custom material palettes that introduce personality as much as substance. Finishes are selected to showcase natural materials, for structures that resonate in purpose, beauty, and meaning.

Our ultimate goal is to create homes that are beneficial in their existence: they are soulful living experiences; they are site-sensitive, natural and environmentally balanced; they have the power to enhance communities for generations.

Based on the San Francisco Peninsula

We have over 20 years of experience with new construction and renovations. Most of our projects are in or near San Francisco and the Peninsula, where we are located.

The LSH Architects Advantage

continuity of care from a small hands-on studio

ability to resolve complex designs

sensitivity to materials

technically considered details

premium customer service

competitive fees

expertise in CAD & 3D visualization

warm contemporary design aesthetic

compelling spaces

inspired design

The multi-faceted aspects of architecture pose a challenging balance of science and art.

Architects help realize visions. They give form to words and ideas.

Lori Hsu, architect

Lori Sang Hsu, Architect

Principal Architect

Lori is a professional architect of 20 years. She began her career designing contemporary high-end residences, academic buildings, and art centers in the Boston area. Lori came to the Bay Area in 2002, where she established her practice, LSH Studio. In 2016, the practice incorporated and became LSH Architects.

Lori is highly sensitive to client ideas and expectations, often credited for bringing the slightest nuances to form. Her design solutions are clear, balanced, and inviting. She applies thoughtful problem-solving to every project detail, addressing imposing challenges with measured creativity. Her distinctive artistry is a canvas for agile spaces, where geometry is light, graceful, and energetic.

Lori received a Masters in Architecture from Harvard University in 1996 and a Bachelor of Arts from Barnard College in 1992. She was born in Seoul, Korea, and grew up in Queens, NY. Lori lives in the Bay Area, is married with two children, and enjoys cycling, traveling, and photography.

Tiffany Dell'Aquilla Miller, architect

Tiffany Dell’Aquila Miller

Project Architect

Raised in the Bay Area, Tiffany received her Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Southern California School of Architecture and worked in the Los Angeles area for several years before working with Lori in 2014.

Culturally, Tiffany’s roots extend beyond California’s borders. Being half Taiwanese, she has been honored to represent Taiwan as a fencing athlete on the international stage. Although she narrowly missed qualification for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro and 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games, she brings these cherished experiences to her professional practice.