Creative House Design Concepts

Schematic Design is the first phase of the architectural process and involves a flexible exploration of possibilities. Concepts are ideated and reviewed; this includes design, layout, floor plans, elevations, site-sensitive features, and 3d visualizations.

The Scope of Work is defined and selected. Building codes are confirmed, and the schematic design is prepared for preliminary estimates. All design plans are based on a close dialogue with the client and followed by a revision process to create an elegant and desirable solution.

3D Visualizations transform layouts into spaces

Building forms are visualized and conveyed with hand sketches and wood models where effective, granting tangible insights into spatial ideas as shapes. 3D digital models can be developed to understand and create complicated shapes and simulate their visualization and viability. Everything from daylight to material effects can be simulated in 3D computer models, allowing for a creative exploration in home design elements.