Architectural Services During Construction

LSH Architects represents the client with Construction Administration services during the construction stage of the project, to ensure that the work is progressing in conformance with the Construction Documents. The designing architect’s role during construction is to provide project continuity and create an expert touchpoint for client involvement until completion.

Ensure construction progress is aligned with design intent

Regular site visits and site meetings with contractors ensure that construction progress is aligned with design intent. Documented coordination with contractors, consultants, and Owner keeps the project team informed. Field reports document observations, discussions, and decisions made during site visits and project meetings. The architect organizes and manages project plans and records, responds to contractor questions and requests for information, and provides details, clarifications, and revisions as required.

Transform design into reality with attention to detail

The architect reviews the shop drawings for coordination with the construction documents. Windows, cabinetry, metal work, stairs and other design features are checked and confirmed. Design adjustments and fine detailing at this stage enhances the final build. Transform design into reality with care and attention to detail throughout the process.