Bringing a Vision to Form

In the Design Development phase, exterior and interior aspects are developed, floor plans are refined, and materials and details are proposed. Windows, building systems, products and finishes are defined. Consulting engineers and other design professionals are coordinated and preliminary plans for electrical and lighting are prepared.

Coordinated Architectural Finishes

We combine finishes for complementary attributes in construction and final aesthetics, expanding on the schematic design with the use of materials while taking into consideration their elegance, durability, and maintenance. Material samples are reviewed to create a sensory connection with the possibilities and to decide how the building will look and feel.

Sophisticated House Design Features and Finishes

Home design becomes an incubator for ideas with the addition of sophisticated details: custom features that deeply personalize the taste, character, and orientation of spaces. These include fireplaces, stairs, doors, and cabinetry, as well as exposed structural elements, sculptural features, and utilitarian objects that blend lifestyle with the environment.